17 June 2008

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21st June 2008
15 ways to increase your earnings with proof from the holy Quran and Sunnah.

20th June 2008
With the blessed month of Ramadan drawing closer, here is a taste into how Ramadan will earn us mountains full of Reward Inshallah.
The perfect role model to humanity is our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW), Allah loves him very dearly and so should we, he is a true blessing to mankind. Peace Be Upon Him.
Lets take a look at The Importance Of Namaaz (5 daily obligatory prayers).
Treat everyday like it can be your last, Death Can Be Round The Corner. Our Birth Certificates doest come with an expiry date.

19th June 2008
With the Grace Of Allah, there are and have been many prominent scholars who have devoted their lives to deen (Islamic Faith) , lets start by looking at the Biography Of Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi and the Biography Of Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhlawi.
With the marriage season in full swing, one should always endeavor to keep marriages simple In Islam
Very offensive, but it has helped the Muslim World unite as we hold the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) close to our hearts. Danish Cartoons - Islamic Perspective Vs Freedom of Expression ?
3 powerful words- 'I love You' but always remember your Lord.

18th June 2008
A very touching true story which reflects the undisputed fact that death will draw upon us all in different ways and we should always prepare for the hereafter, as that will form our eternal well being (God Willing!).
On the same note, I have also included a page which depicts using imagery that the grave is our next home.

16th June 2008
An insight into the Importance Of Masjid Al Aqsa In Islam added.
Find out what Kalimas In Islam are with their meaning here, something many muslim children memorise when attending the Islamic Classes.
I have also submitted the website to 11 Blog directories today to help attain further Google recognition.

9th June 2008
Coverage about a new mosque which opened last Decemeber in Abu Dhabi called the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - 40 Photos.

4th June 2008
Over the next week or so, I will be introducing some Islamic related photos on the site, lets start of with some high quality photos of Makkah Shareef. Do dua (supplication) that the almighty give us all the taufeek (blessing) to visit this holy place, at least once in our life, inshallah (God willing!)

2nd June 2008
Sara Bokker , a former model and actress took up Islam few years ago (mashallah), learn how Sarah Bokker found Islam by reading her extraordinary story here.
'What Is Quran?' - A basic overview added in the 'Nutshell Islam Guide' , learn how the Qur'an is a revelation by God which has been fully preserved for 1400 years.
Unique features of Islam - What are they ? Want to learn about Islam? Get started here..
Go, There is nothing wrong with this marriage! - an inspiring short story which will show you how Allah (s.a.w) gives you so much for so less..

30th May 2008
A Poem Corner to provoke thought, has now been included on the website, if you find any on your Internet travels which are a worthy read, feel free to email them to me (ensure you quote the author / source).
A letter from Shaitaan (devil), a Ship Wreck story and another called 'Stay Sharp' has also been added today.
Another good addition to the website is this article on 'Humour and Jokes In Islam', very interesting indeed.
The visible 'page view' counter has been removed as I now have a fully comprehensive 'stat manager' embedded into the website, which gives me the required daily reports on unique visitors etc

29th May 2008
I understand the website will attract a lot of non Muslim friends (God Willing!) who will be seeking information regarding the beautiful religion of Islam, so I thought it would be a great idea to provide a brief yet non conclusive insight into Islam via this guide.

28th May 2008
I have always appreciated the idea of having a 'Favicon' on a website, Google has it and so do numerous other websites, so why should this website be any different ? What's a Favicon I here you mutter ? It's the colorful 'flower' logo that displays in the address bar just before the website address, if you are Using IE, you may not see it, one more reason to join the Firefox bandwagon !
The website now has a new custom domain - http://www.islamicinformation.net/ and the logo has been modified accordingly. The site will still be accessible via any old domain names as I have redirects in place.
Restructured the way articles are displayed - as the content is growing, so will the need to display them in easy to find categories.

27th May 2008
On my internet travels, I came across this short yet meaningful little story about a carpenter I thought I would share with you all, it certainly is food for thought !
I am looking for someone who can recreate the website logo with a hint of Islamic imagery, anyone care to help me out ? My Photoshop skills are not the best unfortunately, limited is the word I was looking for..
A superb piece on 'Who is Allah ?' to clear a common misconception that Muslims believe in a different god called Allah has been added in the Resources For Non Muslims Section.
Islam is growing at a rapid rate (mashallah), more and more people are accepting the truth, however some people are afraid to take up Islam and this article looks at some of the common reasons that hinders them.

26th May 2008
Islamic Wallpapers ! A brand new addition to the website, this section within the 'download zone' will see regular updates with some fantastic imagery for your desktop, stay tuned.
Also new to the website is the addition of 3D tours around various Holy Sites In Islam, must see !