18 May 2008

Virtues Of Pregnancy In Islam

If the woman dies within 40 days of giving birth, she will die as a shahid (matyr).

"A woman that dies in her virginity or during her pregnancy or at the time of birth or thereafter (in nifaas) will attain the rank of a martyr" Hadeeth

Nabi (salalaallahu alayhi wassallam) is reported to have also said
".......When her labour pains commence, the inhabitants of the earth and the sky are unaware of the stores of comfort that are prepared for her. When she delivers and breast feeds her child, then she will be granted a reword for every gulp of milk, if she had to remain awake during the night for the sake of the child, she will receive the reword of emancipating seventy slaves in the path of Allah Ta'ala. O Salaamat! Do you know who these women are? They are pious, upright, with a delicate nature yet obedient to their husbands and not ungrateful to them"

Source : Madrasa In'aamiyyah

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Anonymous said... 26/2/09 9:35 am  

Allah Hu Akbar! How can people says that women are oppressed in Islam. Look athe beauty of being a muslim Woman. We should be greatful for the blessings and bounties Allah bestows upon us as women. I will say everysay....Alghamdulillah, I am a muslim woman!

Anonymous said... 10/3/09 12:30 am  

Mashallah reading this made me cry i feel blessed thank you for the information

Anonymous said... 25/3/09 1:10 pm  

JazakAllah this was a beautiful read. I've never felt so blessed. Hasbunillahi wa na'imal waqeel!

Anonymous said... 3/4/09 12:43 pm  

Subhan Allah...
now I'm feeling much better...
so much blessed so much grateful to Allah subhan Tallah...

Anonymous said... 20/5/09 7:03 am  

i was really impressed by this reading. happy to be a pregnant. inshallah my delivery will be easy.

Anonymous said... 28/5/09 3:09 am  

Mashaallah vey powerful...Thank you Allah for evreything...None be like Allah for he is the Supreme and Only One

Anonymous said... 7/6/09 12:34 pm  

alhamdulillah i am proud to be a muslim woman after reading this. Now every pain and distress i feel will seem so much easier.

Anonymous said... 18/6/09 6:02 pm  

SubhanAllah all these aches and pains im experiencing are well worth it! May Allah make labour easy for us all sisters ameen.

Anonymous said... 28/6/09 11:08 am  

Alhamdulillah ... blessed to be a Muslim women !

Anonymous said... 3/7/09 7:33 am  

Alhamdulillah!!!pregnancy is a blessing.

Anonymous said... 31/7/09 5:30 pm  

THANK U ALLAH U made me a muslim women please forgive me n bless on me and all the muslim women who r pregnent and U r the most MERCYFUL WHO made us muslim.

Anonymous said... 3/8/09 3:37 pm  

Alhamdulillah.Thank u Allah that I am a muslim woman.I pray for all the muslim women who are pregnant so that Allah grants them good health . a

Anonymous said... 10/8/09 7:18 pm  

ameen...alhumdulliah i thank allah and pray this pregnancy goes well for me and other sisters inshallah. it took me a long time to get pregnant as a have a medical condition and had fertility treatment with allahs help. all i can say i am really overwhemeled and blessed....please keep me in your duas

Anonymous said... 14/8/09 4:45 pm  

wow, that is amazing,
thank you for posting this, i never knew this and i am glad i do now.

Anonymous said... 15/8/09 12:06 am  

walhamdulillah, may ALLAH give all the muslim women healthy babys inshallah includin myself an forgive me for all the times ive felt lazy or sick etc but deep down i know i wud lik to do good, lik gaining beneficial knowledge on my LORD and many more. astaghfiruallah

Anonymous said... 18/8/09 2:48 pm  

Thank you very much to those that post these web pages. Allhumdulillah it makes my pregnancy so much easier and makes me appreciate everything so much more, Every ache and pain is worth the 9 month wait and to see the smile and satistfaction on your husbands face

Anonymous said... 17/9/09 8:47 am  

Mashallah!!! Wow, wat a nice reading, feeling overwhelmed after these sweet words.....May allah protect us all & give us pious children.*******

Anonymous said... 15/10/09 11:59 pm  

Mashallah.......... This bought tears to my eyes....Alhumdulillah<3
i think were the luckest women on earth...im pregnant rite now and reading this just made me cry with happiness and joy....Allah is great<3 all the pain is gnna be worth it... <3

Lukman said... 21/10/09 3:34 pm  


Please make dua for my wife who is currently pregnancy bearing our first child. May allah give every woman an easy pregnancy, a healthy and a relegious child. Ameen

Anonymous said... 27/10/09 7:11 pm  


Anonymous said... 1/11/09 1:34 pm  

Allah s.w.t is so great,to bless a woman with such rewards!!!!!

Anonymous said... 9/11/09 3:33 pm  

i am 7 mnths pregnant after going thru ivf and reading this has given me the strenght to carry on thru this pregnancy with hope.our first daughter was born 4 years ago at 33 weeks and she died 6mnths after as she had some congenital problems and all this while iam praying to allah (ST) that oh allah pliz keep me thru this pregnancy and my this child is healthy-ameen.
pliz pray for me.

Anonymous said... 4/12/09 4:46 pm  

salam alaykom jazakallahu khayran

if u just could post the reference i would be very happy

Anonymous said... 10/12/09 12:21 pm  

to him we belong and to him will return... allah hu akbar

rabbiya said... 20/12/09 11:17 am  

kindly mention the reference

JazakaALLAH o khair

shabana said... 24/12/09 5:53 pm  

i didnt no that allah tallah gave so much ajar to a pregnant women. I am very pleased for your website mashallah for giving us the knowledge. may allah tallah give all pregnant women an easy birth inshallah. i will pray for you all. ameen

Anonymous said... 3/1/10 4:05 am  

masha allah... ALLAH is great =)

Anonymous said... 15/1/10 9:57 am  

I have been trying for a child for almost 6 years. Please make dua for Allah to bless me and my husband with a healthy child and the reward that comes with it. I am thankful to Allah for everything I have and I know whateva allah decides it is for the best but there is an ache in my heart and a hole in my life. The immense love i have to give and no one to give it to.

Anonymous said... 28/1/10 7:34 pm  

Alhamdullilah...I am a muslim woman.

Anonymous said... 31/1/10 12:40 pm  

alhamdulilah! see how allah (swat) loves us and care for us and yet people in the western society portray us as of having no life. It scares me when people have no belief and they continue to do what they like and do not think od death upon at all. plsss i'd say they are confuse and have no life

Anonymous said... 19/2/10 11:56 am  

Alhamdullillah!!! havent been so proud of being a muslim woman than i am rite now. All the pain i feel will seem so easier now coz of what i have just read

Anonymous said... 27/2/10 6:38 pm  

i am so pleased with your website for showing us this reading. i am so prepared now to go through all the pains of pregnancy knowing that Allah Almighty will be pleased with me and reward me for it. bringing a child into the world is a blessing from Allah. we should all be grateful to our Allah for giving us women this duty.

Anonymous said... 2/4/10 6:03 am  

allah is our god.. allah is not just a word of arbic as u said but one of the names of allah in the 99 names which is used a lot. only allah is worth of worshipping and no other idiotic idels who r made by humans and break with one touch.. such foolish people who take idols as partner to allah... losers r they in the hereafter.. I M PROUD TU B E MUSLIM AND PRUUD TO SAY LAA I LAA HAA IL LAL LAA MOHAMMADUR RASOOL LUL LAAH..... PROUD TO B A MUSLIM...

Anonymous said... 18/4/10 9:14 pm  

please pray for me, i am 22weeks pregnant after 2 miscarriages (i already have a son and a daughter)they have found a cyst on my babys brain, please everyone who see this site pray for my unborn child, let this cyst be NOT a dangerous one and my child, please pray for me, i leave if in the hands of Allah

Anonymous said... 9/6/10 2:58 pm  

I am soo happy to be a pregnant muslim woman! This has given me patience and courage to get thru this as i have been very unwel and finding it hard to cope..Please Pray that i can become a better muslim woman and I will pray that InshAllah each muslim child to be strives in the Path of THE ONE AND ONLY ALLAH!!! Thats my dream for my Child InshAllah..tc all xxx

Anonymous said... 12/6/10 5:29 am  

AL HamdullaH, Please Have faith In Allah... and remember our children are Allah s Angels borrowed to us.. Have faith and continously pray that everything will turn out great,, Mashallah to all my Muslim sisters.

Marufa said... 13/6/10 6:34 am  

SubhanAllah!! I am pregnant now and definitely reading about all the blessings that we Muslim women can get for the little bundle of joy,gives me the outmost strength to be ever more thankful to Allah SWT and remain calm throughout all the pregnancy hurdles. I pray for all the Mothers-to-be and especially for the sister above who mentioned about the cyst found on the child's brain to be blessed by Allah SWT's mercy and reward us with pious Muslim babies, Ameen!!!

May Allah SWT help us raise His sinfree, noble, pious, obedient & humble creation the way Allah initially sends them to us. May Allah SWT give us blessed babies who are all free from any disabilities ~ mental/physical challenges and if not strenthen us with His spirit to have the faith and patience to overcome any complications on the path of Islam. Allah is indeed the most Merciful and Oft-Hearing!!! All you sisters, Please raise your hands and ask Allah SWT to forgive our sins and make our babies of those who can set Islamic examples to others, InshahAllah!

Anonymous said... 14/7/10 10:26 pm  

alhamdulillah i'm a muslim. This post has made me feel se releieved and blessed. SubhanAllah!!
May Allah make ease for every woman expecting to deliver her baby. May Allah guide us all to bring up our children as true believers. Amin.

Anonymous said... 16/7/10 6:53 am  

mashallah iam really so proud and happy to be a muslim

Anonymous said... 29/7/10 10:50 am  

alhamdulillah-i am a pregnant muslim woman and this has just made my day.we are lucky that as muslims we can put a lot of things in perspective and is therefore easier to bear.i suffer a lot from pregnancy sickness .isnt it beautiful that not only do we bear it for the sake of pregnancy but we are rewarded by our amazing lord.subhananllah

Pakeezah said... 30/7/10 8:40 am  

this is very informative and true... May Allah give you all reading this piece good health and Allah forgives the person who wrote this piece...

Anonymous said... 2/8/10 5:57 am  

ameen. being pregnant and recieving so much reward can only be found in the blessed religion of islam. to all my sisters out there, may Allah grant you the blessing of bieng a mother, may he ease your pain and make your children the noor of your eyes. ameen

i am pregnant with my 2nd child and am having a much harder pregnancy. please make dua for me. jazak allah

Anonymous said... 2/8/10 4:16 pm  

Allah is great

Anonymous said... 5/8/10 7:59 pm  

Subhan Allah...
I am really greatful to the Almighty to give me the opportunity to carry my child...Alhamdulillah.....Hey Allah bless me more with a pious and healthy child...Amin

Anonymous said... 14/8/10 8:00 am  


Anonymous said... 15/8/10 8:46 am  

msahahallah i felt very very pleased by reading this, am really proud to be a muslim lady and i thank allah subhana wa tala for such wonderful blessings.

Anonymous said... 15/8/10 1:14 pm  

Alhamdulilah,i am muslim.I am blessed n i am really blessed having a life inside me.May Allah bless us all with all the good.Subhana Allah

JazakAllahu Khair.

Anonymous said... 19/8/10 6:49 pm  

mashallah this read is so beautiful it warms my heart....i look forward to getting pregnant inshallah one day by allahs will, what a blessing!
muslim life is so beautiful and we all should be so gratefull:)

Anonymous said... 22/8/10 1:49 pm  

mashallah...proud to b a muslim woman.., May Allah swt make easy for every woman who is expecting a baby..ameen

Anonymous said... 25/8/10 9:21 am  

What a beautiful read, i pray to allah all you pregnanat sisters out there have a safe and healthy delivery, may allah bless you all with a healthy and a pious child.....ameen.

Anonymous said... 1/9/10 10:46 am  

SUBHAN'ALLAH, Alhamdulillah the greatest blessing is that Allah(swt) chose us to be mulsim. pls make dua for me ive had 3 miscarriages and just found out im pregnant Alhamdulilah. Allah answers all dua SUBHAN'ALLAH. May Allah(swt) bless every muslim with a zoureyi saliha-lilah AMEEN AMEEN AMEEN.

Anonymous said... 2/9/10 6:17 pm  

alhamdulillah............ what a superiority that allahu AST given to a pregnent women ...........i am proud to be pregnent.......... mashah allah .......... ya allah make my baby in ur path..........subhanallah

Anonymous said... 3/9/10 12:50 am  

asc i am 6 month pregnant pls make du,a easy labour inshalaah

Anonymous said... 7/9/10 5:47 pm  

Subhana Allah Wal Hamdulilah wala ilaha illa Allah

Anonymous said... 20/9/10 10:34 am  

Salaam to all my Muslim sisters,
I am 3 months pregnant and suffering from very severe sickness which lasts all day long I have lost a lot of weight and am unable to eat properly. I have been so depressed lately and cry quite often but after having read this beautiful passage that bestows so many blessings onto a pregnant woman I feel enlightened. My heart has been filled with so much love for my child & I feel strong enough to cope with all the aches & pains that pregnancy may bring.
May we all have quick, easy, pain free pregnancies & give birth to healthy pious children, AMEEN

Anonymous said... 11/10/10 2:45 pm  

jazaakallahukhairun brother

Anonymous said... 24/10/10 8:58 pm  

Allah is great,,,indeed.......every muslim mother is the blessed one...MasaAllah

Anonymous said... 25/10/10 3:47 pm  

Assalamu alaikum,

I am feeling so good after reading this information. I pray to Allah to protect all of us.

Anonymous said... 9/11/10 9:38 am  

alhamdillah i am a muslim, may allah forgive all my wrong doings at this moment of my pregnancy and all muslims sisters inshaalah, we are blessed to be muslims.

Anonymous said... 24/11/10 9:47 pm  

What nice info. Could you please give me the daleel/who said it. Is it hadith?
Inshaallah, i need this info so i can share this with other mothers to be, inshAllah.

Anonymous said... 27/11/10 1:04 pm  

Mashallah! reading this made me cry! I feel so grateful to Allah S.W.T to have blessed me with the oppurtunity to be a mother

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