11 May 2008

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Online Quran

Quran Explorer - Listen Online ! (Different Voices / Translations)
Pikhtal Transalation Website (English)
Pikhtal Transalation - (pdf file)
Pikhtal Transalation - (Software for PC)
Abdullah Yusuf Ali Transalation - (pdf file)
3 Transalations rolled into 1 website (English : Pikhtal - Abdullah Yusuf Ali - Shakir)

Islamic Forums

Sunni Forums
Turn To Islam Forums
Ummah Forums

Islamic Questions & Answers / Fatwa's

Have a question you need answering? Try one of the following links to get answers to your questions by authentic scholars.
Mufti Says
Ask Imam
Darul Iftaa
Darul Ifta Deoband
Food Guide UK
Sharia Board
Sunni Path
ZamZam Academy

Islamic Websites

Hand picked websites which promotes this beautiful religion of Islam, very good beneficial resources awaits you Inshallah.
Haq Islam