4 June 2008

Beautiful Makkah Pictures

Here is a superb collection of Mecca and Hajj Photos that will leave you amazed. It has been said that the first time you set your eyes at the Holy structure, whatever you pray for is granted (Inshallah!)

Millions of believers across the globe wish to live a day when they'd be able to come across to witness the Ka'aba right in front of their eyes - with all its beauty, splendor and grandure, leaving them spell-bound and awe-strucked.

For Info : In Saudi Arabia, Within the City Of Makkah, you will find a grand mosque called 'Al-Haram Shareef'. Within this blessed and very holy mosque is the 'Kaabah Shareef', built by Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) and his son Hazrat Ismail (Ishmael). This is the place where millions of muslims from across the globe unite annually and perform The Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage, an obligation for all able muslims who have the health and wealth to perform it atleast once in their lifetime, One of the 5 Pillars Of Islam.

Click to enlarge these Makkah Pictures

top quality makkah aerial shot
Makkah Photo 1 - Hajj 2006 Aerial Shot - Amazing !

Muslims during prayer in Makkah
Makkah Photo 2 - Muslims during prayer at Hajj 2006

Aerial view of makkah at night
Makkah Photo 3 - Aerial View Of Makkah At Night

Aerial View Of Al-Haram Shareef At Night
Makkah Picture 4 - Aerial View Of Al-Haram Shareef At Night

road to heaven, just before you get to Makkah
Makkah Picture 5 - Road To Heaven !

al-haram shareef
Makkah Picture 6 - Al-Haram Shareef - Where Kaaba Shareef Is

kaaba shareef tranquility
Makkah Picture 7 - Kaaba Shareef - Tranquility

al-haram shareef from outside
Makkah Picture 8 - External View Of Al-Haram Shareef

Yet Another Aerial Shot Of Makkah
Makkah Picture 9 - Yet Another Aerial Shot Of Makkah

Closeup Shot Of The Kaabah
Makkah Picture 10 - Closeup Shot Of The Kaabah

Now this is scenic!
Makkah Picture 11 - Now this is scenic!

Getting Closer To The Kaabah Shareef
Makkah Picture 12 - Getting Closer To The Kaabah Shareef

kaabah Shareef - Lost For Words
Makkah Picture 13 - Lost for words !

Closer Than Close
Makkah Picture 14 - Closer Than Close