11 July 2008

Dua For the month of Rajab

by Abu Abdullah Ibne Ismail

“We are now blessed with the month of Rajab, this is a sign for us to begin to prepare for the month of Ramadhan. If we start to gear ourselves up from now, when the month of Ramadhan dawns upon us we will be able to benefit completely.

If we only start to increase our Ibaadah once the month of Ramadhan begins, then by the time we get into gear, many days of Ramadhan would have passed, and we would have wasted valuable time.

This is why the Prophet would recite the following du‘aa after the month of Rajab would commence
Dua for month of Rajab

O Allah! Bless us in the months of Rajab and Shaban, and make us reach Ramadhan (by granting us life until then).