8 June 2008

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Photos

Name: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Where: Abu Dhabhi (UAE)
Opened : Dec 2007
SIze: The total building area exceeds 22,412 m², about the size of five football fields.
Capacity: 40,000 worshippers

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is named after the United Arab Emirates' late founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahayan, is not off-limits to non-Muslims. The biggest mosque in the UAE and considered within the Top 10 biggest mosques in the world.

The mosque has four minarets on the four corners of the mosque with a height of about 107 metres each. The mosque consists of 57 domes covering the outside yards, main and side entrances. All the domes of the mosque are decorated with white marble and the interior decor was made of the white gypsum. The best types of the colored floral marble and mosaics have been used to pave the courtyard of the mosque which is about 17,000 square metres.

The mosque has achieved three entries into the Guinness Book of World Records with the largest carpet, the biggest chandelier as well as the largest dome of its kind in the world

Biggest Carpet
: The centrepiece is a 6,000 square metre (64,583 square feet) hand-made Persian carpet, said to be the biggest in the world. 1200 Iranian women spent 2 years weaving the carpet, weighing in at a huge 45 tonnes. The carpet covers the floor of the main prayer hall at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which can accommodate up to 9,000 faithful.

Biggest Dome:
The main dome is also "the biggest" mosque dome in the world, 75 metres (246 feet) high with a 32.2-metre (105.6 feet) diametre.

Biggest Chandelier:
One of seven German-made chandeliers. It is 10-metre (32.8 feet) tall, 10-metre wide and weighs nine tonnes.

Photos of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque from a distanceThe beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in all its gloryView From Inner CourtyardOne of four minarets
The Sheikh Zayed Mosque at SunsetSheikh Zayed Grand Mosque At NightBreathtaking illuminating capture of the Sheikh Zayed Grand MosqueOutside the main entrance
Attention to detail - Dome of the Sheikh Zayed Grand MosqueAttention to detail - Minaret of the Sheikh Zayed Grand MosqueThe finest marble usedOutside the main prayer area, left minaret
Interior Shot of the MosqueSheikh Zayed Grand Mosque pool areaStunning view of the pool at nightDoes anyone know which part of the mosque this is? Please comment below
One of the doorways to the mosque, just look at the attention to detailAblution Area

Sheikh Zayed Mosque's Prayer Hall

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque's main prayer hallAnother shot of the main prayer hallDifferent Angle of the main prayer hallA glimse of the worlds biggest chandelier
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Prayer Hall ViewSheikh Zayed Mosque's ChandelierChandelier turned onCentral Ceiling View of the main prayer hall
A closer look at the chandelier within the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque prayer hallYet another stunning view of the Worlds Biggest chandelierCloser look at the pillars within the prayer hallFull Mihrab View with 99 Names of Allah
Mihrab - this is a niche in the wall of the mosque that indicates the qibla, that is, the direction of the KaabaMihrab Photo 2Smaller Chandelier and artwork at the Sheikh Zayed Grand MosqueMore amazing artwork
One of many doors in the prayer hallThe prayer halls carpet, biggest single piece in the world which took 2 years to make

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