28 May 2008

Who is behind islamicinformation.net?

Assalamu-Alaykum dear muslim brothers / sisters and a warm welcome to all my non muslim friends and visitors.

About Islamic Information

This website is a sole effort of a 20 something year old Muslim male from UK, who is simply utilising the little web design experience he possesses to talk and inform about the word Of Allah and his beloved prophet. By all means I am no Islamic scholar so if you do spot any mistakes, please do bring them to my attention.

At IslamicInformation.net, you will find a wealth of invaluable Islamic information and articles, many which will quench the thirst of a curious mind, its for those who wish to scratch the surface and look away from all the common media misconceptions, for those who want to really find out what Islam is all about, how its a religion of peace, why 1 in 5 people on this planet propagate this faith and for those who simply wishes to increase their faith and knowledge. I sincerely do hope you find it useful.

The website itself is a dedication to my beloved maternal and paternal grandfather's who have passed away (May Allah offer them a highest rank in Paradise, Ameen) , please do remember them in your supplications Inshallah (God Willing).

To submit an Islamic article email it to me on the address shown in the footer, quoting the source / author for full credit. Please note not all articles will be published, I shall scrutinise them first and verify the information before publishing on the website. Inshallah with your help and
supplications, this website will grow from strength to strength, providing invaluable resources for all.

Leave a trail behind

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Brother Lukman (Webmaster / Admin)