18 June 2008

Ponder Over Death

O! You Muslims who are...

Desirous to drive large, shiny cars,
essence of death - Car
REMEMBER: You will be driven one day as a horizontal passenger.

Wild and crazy over expensive clothes,
clothes when you're dead
REMEMBER: You will end up in just a 'KAFN.'

Recklessly sacrificing everything to construct beautiful homes and palatial mansions,
grave pit house
REMEMBER: the graveyard 'PIT' - one's real home.

Greedily devouring tasty dishes and all types of extravagant delicacies,
REMEMBER: one day YOU will be the meal for ants, worms and other insects.

Aspiring for fame, fortune, and bright lights.
reality of life
REMEMBER: the awaiting darkness and loneliness in the grave.