28 September 2008

Just Like A Dream

You were not created to wonder without a purpose
Life is not play; don’t treat it like a circus
There will come a time when you will reap what you sow
So don’t wonder aimlessly as if you don’t know
You came from Allah and unto Him shall you return
Just pray your deeds, don’t cause your soul to burn
How sad it would be to leave from the Mercy of the Lord
A wise man once said, Time is like a sword
If you don’t cut with it, it will cut you down
Use it wisely and the Lord’s Mercy shall be found
Don’t let the things of this world be a delusion for you
Where the things that are false appear to be true
Why chase after things that you will only have for a short while
Chase after the everlasting and have an eternal smile
Those things that most chase after others shall inherit
Don’t be like everybody else sounding like a parrot
Same drama, different person, different scene
This world will come to an end, just like a dream