23 July 2011

Inaccuracies in BBC program 'Life of Muhammed' presented by Rageh Omaar

Assalaamu Alaikum

 A three part documentary titled 'Life of Muhammed' is currently being broadcast by BBC.

These documentaries as the titles suggest aim to give an insight into the life of our Prophet (pbuh). However, they are far from the truth. The presenter, Raggeh Omar has confused and misinterpreted many facts about the Prophet (pbuh).

The errors made about the Prophet (pbuh) and certain Islamic facts are too many to list, but the nature of these errors are so grave that ones belief (aqidah) can become questionable. Hence, it is strongly recommended that we do not get our knowledge about the Prophet (pbuh) from unreliable sources like these because they can be very dangerous for our imaan.

Instead we should seek knowledge pertaining Islam from pious and god-fearing individuals who have spent their lives studying the laws of Islam and the life of the Prophet (pbuh). Unlike the intellectuals chosen on the programme whose lives are far from the deen. Please spread this message far and wide, because the imaan of many muslims is at risk from this corruption.

Find more information here , a  couple of reviews written after the first part was aired.

I will endeavour to update this post with more links shortly.